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POSTED IN: Packaging Equipment & Supplies 08/05/2020

In a world where the shipping industry is monstrous, high-quality packaging equipment is crucial. DACO pallets, pallet wrappers, stretch film wrap, strapping machines, and case sealers are designed to enhance your business and all of its shipping needs. Packaging equipment provides protection for shipments, more sustainable shipping activity, and a safer workplace for employees. DACO products are cost-effective, allowing for decreased spending and increased livelihood.


Pallets are the base of any large shipment. DACO’S plastic pallets are stable, lightweight, and reusable. Plastic pallets protect workers by preventing injuries since they do not contain splinters, nails, broken boards, or other hazards that wood pallets can harbor. Plastic pallets do not absorb moisture, making them more sanitary than wood pallets since they are unable to grow mold, mildew, or fungus. They are internationally accepted at a higher rate than wood pallets, are able to be used for much longer, and protect products due to their consistent support.

Pallet wrappers are another operative asset to packaging equipment. Pallet wrapping equipment reduces product damage by holding loads together. Because the wrappers keep shipments stabilized by wrapping them taut and compact, products remain clean and dry, therefore reducing damage during the shipping process. Workers benefit from semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers lessening the dizziness and back injuries that stretch wrapping manually can often lead to.

With pallet wrappers comes stretch wrap film, another essential type of packaging equipment. It is used to secure and protect your goods. DACO’s stretch wrap film is available in various options of film gauges, widths, and colors. It can be used with manual handheld devices, or with semi-automaticor automatic stretch wrappers.



Following suit with the previously discussed packaging equipment, carton and case sealers create an advantage for shipping needs. These devices are capable of doing more work in less time than what can be done by hand. DACO offers a vast array of carton sealing tape to pair with carton and case sealers. This blog post explains the several types of carton and case sealers and their uses.


DACO packaging equipment offers benefits that are unmatched. Whether you need a plastic pallet, pallet wrappers, stretch wrap film, strapping machines, case sealers, or anything and everything in between, DACO has you covered. Stay up to date on all things DACO by following us on Facebook. Amplify your business with top-notch packaging equipment today!