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POSTED IN: Pick Modules 05/31/2019

Plastic hoppers can make a world of difference in your industry’s productivity by making processes easier and more organized. At DACO, we offer a variety of plastic hoppers that can be used in a variety of industries such as grain and feed, food processing, dairy, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Each of our bottom and side discharge plastic hopper bins are made from FDA approved, chemical-resistant polyethylene, which is extremely durable. In addition, plastic hoppers are far less expensive than stainless steel bins, but equally as strong.

Choosing to go with plastic hoppers can save you money, time, and space. They also create a safer work environment for your employees. Plastic is much lighter than metal and easier to maneuver and carry. Let’s go over a few more benefits of these highly functional storage bins.


Unlike their metal counterparts, plastic hoppers are lighter and far more cost-efficient. They come in a variety of flow options to accommodate products such as bulk powders, granular substances, and tablets. This makes these hoppers perfect for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as grain and feed processes. Our plastic hopper bins are equipped with ergonomically placed side gates, so accessing your product is easy, as there is no reaching under the container.

Did you know that our plastic hoppers are designed as one-piece but have a separate double wall base? This,in conjunction with their lightweight design, makes our bins highly portable, even when full of product. Each hopper is created with a smooth bottle interior that allows material to easily flow out.

When using plastic hoppers in the grain and feed industry, workers will find that the contents easily slide out of the bottom opening. In fact, refilling and dispensing materials in the food and pharmaceutical industries can be done quickly and efficiently due to this design. Plastic hoppers are widely used in the chemical and dairy business to ensure safe handling and productivity.

Plastic hoppers also help staff work more efficiently and reduce waste. They are resistant to high and low temperatures, too. Most businesses enjoy the space-saving aspects of plastic bins versus other models. Basically, plastic hoppers have become the new standard for food, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical material handling as they are cleaner, safer, and greener.


We are excited to speak with you about the many benefits of using plastic hoppers over metal bins. Our staff at DACO is ready to answer your questions about plastic hoppers and get you on the road to increased productivity. These types of bins are perfect for a variety of industries like food, drug, chemical, and agricultural. It is our pleasure to help you find the right plastic hopper to meet the needs of your industry. Want to know more? Contact us HERE.

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