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POSTED IN: Mezzanines 05/03/2021

Mezzanines are custom-built steel structures that are usually seen in retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, and processing plants. In recent years, especially with the growth of eCommerce, they are being used more frequently and across all industries.

Mezzanines are an attractive and adaptable option for startups and growing businesses who want to maximize their facility without going over budget. Mezzanines allow creative use of your business and operational space and also have other significant advantages.


Your new eCommerce endeavor is geared up and almost ready to take orders. You’ve found a business space that fits within your limited budget. However, it doesn’t seem large enough to accommodate all your office, shipping operations, and massive inventory storage needs. Don’t let the low square footage cut your dreams short.

A freestanding or building-supported mezzanine can transform even the most uninspiring warehouse into the dynamic and multi-functioning workplace you envision. Before signing the building lease, a professional site evaluation will ensure that the property meets the building code requirements, such as height, space size, and the location of columns and fire sprinkler systems. A customized mezzanine designed with expert guidance can set you up for success.


As your business or organization grows, your space needs will also evolve. Perhaps the facility you’re leasing can no longer fit the inventory you need to have on hand. Maybe you want to ramp up production but stay clear of the additional costs of moving your operations. It is possible to expand your business without the burden and long-term commitment of a new lease.

Mezzanines are a one-time cost. Not only will you avoid the expense of leasing new space, but also the cost of maintenance, energy usage, taxes, and insurance premiums. In addition, you earn tax benefits when you use mezzanines as they are considered depreciable personal property.


If you’re the building owner, you may think a renovation is your only option, even though it will mean taking on another loan. However, mezzanines are a much less expensive alternative, and unlike remodeling, they can be installed quickly with little or no disruptions in your operations.

Before scouting new locations, evaluate your vertical space. DACO can create up to two or even three new levels of easily accessible space for bulk storage, full pallet storage, or shelving support for storing equipment parts. Mezzanines are structurally sound and can be adapted as your needs change.


Aside from the additional cost, there are other disadvantages of leasing off-site for equipment storage or to increase production. Travel time, shipping, and additional labor costs will nibble away at your profits and can make your entire operations less efficient.

Mezzanines provide a variety of solutions, such as bulk storage, conveyor support, elevated working platforms, that can keep your operations under one roof. A well-designed mezzanine will improve workflow, ensure easy equipment access and upgrade inventory tracking.

Mezzanines are also people-friendly. Modular offices can be added atop mezzanines to make room for new employees. Non-profits with limited funding but who need to hire new people or find space for temporary staff will find modular offices appealing. The structures can also create space to enhance employee satisfaction, such as break rooms, locker rooms, or cafeterias.


If your business has unique storage needs, mezzanines are quite adaptable to ensure your products are safely stored and easily accessible. Shelving is constructed to ensure protective stacking and avoid over-stacking, which can lead to damaged inventory.

Food manufacturers must adhere to strict USDA & FDA food-safety regulations for production and storage. Food-grade stainless steel mezzanines and work platforms can be installed in a custom layout that meets the design requirements of the food industry.


Whether your business is a startup or expanding according to plan, mezzanines are a practical and cost-saving solution. They are customizable and adaptable to create the perfect environment, so your operations run more smoothly – from manufacturing and storage to workflow and shipping. Maximizing existing facilities with the use of vertical space is a smart business move.

DACO is a reliable and trusted partner who will ask you all the right questions and answer all of yours to ensure that your needs are fully understood. They will guide you with their expertise every step of the way, from site evaluations, securing permits and approvals, to design layout and 3D walkthroughs prior to installation.