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Pallet Strapping Machines & Strapping Material

Don’t risk lost or damaged packages during shipping. By using plastic strapping and the appropriate automated banding machine, you can protect your product while saving time and money. DACO offers a variety of plastic strapping machines, including hand battery powered strapping tools, table top machines, horizontal and vertical arch machines, portable pallet machines, and plastic and steel strapping material.

With over 49 years of experience, DACO is an expert in the area of storage, handling and packaging. We are committed to helping our customers find the convenient solutions they’re looking for at prices they can afford. We offer a range of different strapping machines to make bundling your product easy. Click into any of the following categories to view options. Contact us with any questions.

Benefits of Strapping Machines for Shipping & Handling

Pallet strapping machines are used to quickly wrap small or large amounts of product to facilitate faster transportation both to and from truck or train. These machines also help to prevent individual boxes or units from falling apart during warehouse storage. Additional benefits of using a strapping machine for your shipping and handling needs include:
  • Cuts down on time and labor costs by automating the strapping process
  • Boosts overall productivity of your warehouse or production floor
  • Increases profit by doubling or tripling your output of ready-to-ship products
  • Available in a range of types & sizes to accommodate your business needs

Strapping Material & Banding Machines

Plastic & Steel Strapping Material

Strapping material is used with strapping machines to bundle your items together and keep them protected during storage and transport. We provide polypropylene strapping material as well as steel strapping material for heavy duty applications.

Cordless Strapping Tools

These battery operated hand-held strapping tools are a cost effective way to secure your product for shipment and/or storage. Available with or without display, depending on the model.

Table Top Strapping Machines

Table top strapping machines operate semi-automatically with dual tension. These quiet running machines are designed to withstand harsh environments and are made with fewer moving parts to reduce required maintenance.

Arch Strapping Machines

DACO offers several different models of Arch Strapping Machines to help automate and speed up your packaging processes. These efficient machines are capable of wrapping up to 60 straps per minute. 

Banding Machine

Our banding machine uses a heating system to bond paper bands together to form a tight seal around product while preventing damage to corner or edges. Labels can be printed directly on the bands. No cutting tools required.

Your #1 Source for Steel & Plastic Strapping Solutions  

DACO strives to be your one-stop-shop for all your material handling and packaging needs. Whether you’re shipping or storing, we can provide you with the high-quality strapping products you need. Our team of experts is available to assist you in finding the best and most cost-effective solution for your requirements. Request a quote today on any of the strapping tools or strapping machines listed above or contact us for more information.
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