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Table Top Strapping Machines

The iQ-400 Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine, with just a flick of a switch, can be used in a wide variety of applications because of it versatility.

This strapping machine has duel tension, can withstand harsh environments, is quiet running and has less moving parts, so maintenance is lower.


iQ-400 Archless Plastic Strapping Machine Features & Benefits:

  • Semi-Automatic operation with bottom seal.
  • Less moving parts, makes operation and maintenance costs lower.
  • 6-10 straps per minute.
  • Quiet Running.
  • Torque tension mode is best suitable for strong tension or to strap compressible packages.
  • Stroke tension mode is best suited for soft tension or quick operation.
  • Easy to remove hinged tables, making daily maintenance easy.