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BR, BN, BH Series

These Collapsible Bulk Containers are manufactured from high density polyethylene structural foam and are rated for load capacities from 1,500 to 2,500 lbs, allowing them to handle the toughest of jobs.

These plastic totes are available in 48×45, 48×40 and 32×30 footprints, heights of 25″, 34″ and 39″ and come standard with two access doors on the 48″ or 32″ long sides for easy access to the contents of these bulk containers.  They quickly and easily fold down when empty, saving valuable warehouse storage space and return shipping expenses.

The smaller footprint of the 32×30 series collapsible containers makes them perfect for a variety of small parts, resins, and dry powders and use in small work areas. Other models and sizes of these reusable collapsible bulk containers are also available by special order (minimum quantities apply).

9 Products
  • BN323025 – Collapsible Bulk Containers (2 Access Doors)
  • BN323034 – Collapsible Bulk Containers (2 Access Doors)
  • BR484534 – Collapsible Bulk Container (2 Access Doors)
  • BN484525 – Collapsible Bulk Container
  • BN484534 – Collapsible Bulk Container (2 Access Doors)
  • BH484534 – Collapsible Bulk Container
  • TS323002 – Lid for BN Series Collapsible Bulk Containers
  • TS48450300 – Lid for BR, BN & BH Series Collapsible Bulk Containers
  • DYJM4845062S – Steel Dolly


Features of Collapsible Bulk Containers:

  • Made from HDPE high density polyethylene structural foam.
  • 2 access doors on the long sides.
  • Plastic runners for added stacking strength.
  • Optional steel runners for these reusable collapsible containers are available upon request (BN & BH series only).
  • 4-way pallet jack / forklift entry.
  • Stock color is black.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • 100% recyclable.

Benefits of Collapsible Bulk Containers:

  • Easy to Collapse – one person can quickly and easily collapse by releasing the autolock clips and folding down the hinged sidewalls.
  • High Return Ratio – stacked and collapsed, these bulk containers save space and are the most cost effective container for return shipping.
  • Efficient Cubing – standard footprints and heights mean optimal cubing on truck trailers and ISO containers.
  • Quick Sidewall Replacement – the hinged sidewalls are easily replaced with a flathead screwdriver, making it simple to retrofit bulk collapsible containers for different height or door configurations.