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Intrepid Series

Buckhorn Intrepid Collapsible Bulk Containers are designed as a dependable and reusable alternative to one time use corrugated combo bins.  They are manufactured from FDA approved food grade plastic, have a 4-way forklift base for easy movement, and are collapsible for easy, space saving return shipping and storage.

Their reusable, plastic construction help eliminate problems such as leakage, shifting off of pallets, debris & dust, and limited one-time use that are associated with their corrugated counter parts.  These reusable plastic totes provide a significant cost savings versus one-time use packaging.

They are ideal for use in meat, poultry, liquid, semi-liquid, powder and granular applications.

Available with or without steel reinforcement for added strength and weight capacity.

Optional lid also available.

2 Products
  • BZ48404600YC300 – Intrepid – Collapsible Bulk Container
  • Lid for Intrepid Collapsible Bulk Container


Features & Benefits of Intrepid Collapsible Container:

  • Constructed of FDA approved material plastic material so they are reusable.
  • 48” x 40” x 46” footprint matches that of one time use corrugated combo bins.
  • Their collapsible side panels are attached to the forkliftable pallet base, so they can not shift during transport.
  • Easy, quick to assemble and collapse, non-sequential folding side panels.
  • Heavy duty design allows up to 2,500 lb weight capacity.
  • These bulk containers are ideal for many applications including temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, shipments among plants and shipments to customers.
  • Their injection molded design helps prevents leakage.
  • No splinters, nails and dust like their corrugated counterparts.
  • Secure stacking with or without optional lid.
  • Easy to repair, don’t require any special tools or fasteners.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • 100% recyclable.