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Ortho Anti Fatigue Mats

Ortho Mat™ Rubber Floor Mats are designed to improve employee wellness by preventing slips and reduce the strains and pains associated with prolonged exposure to cold, heat, and vibration. Thicker than most industrial anti fatigue mats on the market, Ortho Mats are comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. Available in many different sizes with options for safety striping and runners. Custom shapes and sizes available upon request.

*Please Note: On custom orders, a ½” +/- variance applies.


Features & Benefits of Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Tested and approved by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Maintain a life expectancy of 3-8 years with frequent use
  • Can lead to reduced worker fatigue and increased productivity, safety, and morale
  • Impervious to acids, chemicals, petroleum products, and animal and vegetable fats
  • Non-allergenic and latex/silicone free
  • Lightweight and easy to clean, recyclable
  • Beveled on all four sides for ease of cart traffic and added safety. 3” safety strip is also available

Basic Cleaning Instructions for All Ortho Anti Fatigue Matting

  • Ortho Mats® are Quick and Easy to clean!  Using a hose and any industrial strength cleaner such as bleach, ammonia, or an acid based cleaner to help reduce scrubbing can easily clean Ortho Mats®.  If needed, scrub Ortho Mats® with a deck brush.
  • Use HOT Water for best results!  We recommend using a hose or pressure washer to clean with.  Hot water will clean better and help to dry quicker.  Smaller mats can be put in a conventional commercial kitchen washer for cleaning.
  • Start the morning fresh!  The best time to clean Ortho Mats® are at the end of the day to allow them to dry thoroughly before being laid back down for use.
  • Lay out in the sun!  Ortho Mats® can be placed in the direct sun to dry quicker if necessary.  We do offer Ortho Mats® with grommets that allow you to hang dry after cleaning.  Avoid putting wet mats back on the floor, especially on polished flooring.

Your #1 Source for Highly Resilient Anti-Fatigue Commercial Floor Mats

With better employee health and increased productivity, these rubber floor mats practically pay for themselves. Mats can be customized to fit your size and shape specifications. Request a quote today to receive the standard or custom rubber floor mats you need. Volume discounts available for bulk orders. Contact us for more information.