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Ortho I Rubber Matting

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Ortho I Rubber Floor Mats are different from other industrial anti fatigue matting available. Their approximate 3/4" thickness helps energize your feet so they feel just as good at the end of the day as they did at the beginning. 

Their closed cell structure eliminates absorption of liquids, providing excellent non-slip properties.  An antimicrobial compound is added as part of the manufacturing process to help with infection control by preventing mold, mildew, bacterial growth and absorption of airborne pathogens, making it ideal for areas where sanitation is important.

Ortho I Rubber Floor Mats are recommended for wet or dry applications including oily and slippery surfaces.

Runners available up to 6 feet long without the need for bonding.

Rubber Floor Mat Evaluation Questions (click to view)

Features of Ortho I Rubber Floor Mats: (click to view)

  • Made of closed cell virgin nitrile rubber with an antimicrobial compound.
  • Impervious to most chemicals, petroleum products and animal or vegetable fats.
  • Recommended for wet or dry applications including oily and slippery surfaces.
  • Standard aggressive top and bottom pattern for oily areas.
  • Rubber matting is approximately 3/4" thick.
  • Beveled on all sides for added safety.
  • Ortho Anti fatigue mats have a life expectancy of 3-8 years.

Benefits of Ortho I Rubber Floor Mats: (click to view)

  • AMERICAN made and ergonomically designed.
  • National Floor Safety Institute tested and approved.
  • Promotes Employee Wellness.
  • Employee productivity and morale is immediately increased due to workplace comfort.
  • Exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration is reduced.
  • Ergonomically designed to help relieve back, leg, foot, ankle fatigue, as well as spinal compression.
  • Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for two years, including premature wear.
  • This industrial rubber matting has been designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls, while increasing safety and comfort in the work place, however no product can guarantee that accidents will not happen.  Suitability to task and operations in all aspects must be determined by the user of the mat.

Applications for Ortho I Rubber Floor Mats: (click to view)

Industrial Rubber Matting Usage Areas:

Industrial Antifatigue Matting
Factory & Fabrication
Assembly Lines
Shipping & Receiving
Mechanic Areas
Packing Lines
Parts Manufacturing
Furniture Manufacturers
Automotive Manufacturing
Service & Parts Counters
Clerk & Register Areas

Hospitality Rubber Matting Usage Areas:

Hospitality Anti Fatigue Matting
Valet & Bell Hop Stations
Registration & Front Desks
Laundry Areas
Gift & Coffee Shops
Security Stations
Exercise Rooms

Hostess & Waitress Stations
Food Prep & Bar Areas

Game Tables
Cashier Cages
Bar Areas

Health Care Rubber Matting Usage Areas:

Antifatigue Mats for Healthcare
X-Ray & Operating Rooms
Nurses Stations
Admitting Areas
Re-Hab Centers
Exercise Rooms
Day Care Centers
Dog Grooming Stations
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