4 Essentials for Proper Warehouse Storage Solutions

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When it comes to deciding on proper warehouse storage solutions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Too many choices can frighten businesses about whether or not they are choosing the right solution for them. The fear that sets in for most people usually comes from tall tales they've heard over the years including anything from stories of items getting damaged or an idea that it costs an arm and a leg for new storage solutions. The good news is that all those fears are easy to address. All it takes is a little bit of understanding and realizing how you can store items effectively, to avoid these issues. This article will guide you through four essentials you need to know about how and where to store your products in a warehouse to protect them from damage.

How to Store Items Effectively in a Warehouse

With the public warehouse and storage industry bringing in a combined revenue of $20 billion every year, storage is big business in the US. When running a warehouse you do encounter challenges and risks. Here are four simple tips to help you store your goods effectively and safely.

1. Proper Labels and Signs

When it comes to warehouse storage solutions, nothing is better than correct labeling and signage. This helps warehouse employees to protect themselves by knowing what they are working with. It also avoids any issues with lifting items that are too heavy, which can lead to employee injury but also in damaged goods, i.e. extra costs. Everything in your warehouse should be easily identifiable, labels should inform of the contents of every box along with other useful warnings for its contents.

2. Warehouse Storage Solutions

Every warehouse has different needs, from storing large pallets to small units of inventory. Use different warehouse storage solutions to carefully organize your inventory. Using systems such as pallet racking and metal shelving units, can help organize and speed up your warehouse productivity.

3. Anti Slip Tape & Railings

Protecting the above mentioned storage systems, and the inventory stored in them, should also be a priority. Safety equipment like guard railing, rack and aisle guards, are an important addition to any warehouse storage system. Sadly, in warehouses, slips and falls are fairly common. With 2.9 million non-fatal injuries yearly, safety isn't just about protecting employees, it also improves efficiency. To reduce the risk to your employees, consider laying anti-slip tape on your facility floors, especially in high risk areas. It is available in a variety of colors, patterns and messages.

4. Security Cages

Depending on the worth of your inventory, security cages can be a welcome addition to your existing warehouse storage solutions. These cages help to protect materials and employees from falling dangers and theft. You can lock up these cages at night for storing expensive goods that you want to protect.

Take your Storage to The Next Level

Utilizing these four tips for safer and better storage solutions will not only enhance your warehouse safety, but can also add to productivity and efficiency. If you'd like help in making the most of your current storage solutions, contact us today.  
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