5 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Bug Zapper

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Whether its the fear of illness or the damage that can be done to property by bugs, the $8 billion dollar pest control industry is focused on more than homes. On commercial sites, in warehouses, and retail establishments, a commercial bug zapper is becoming a necessity. The effects of climate change and deforestation have caused insect habitats to change. Following those changes, industries can move into previously forested areas or bugs can move into commercial and industrial areas. Just one mosquito can lay 100 eggs, meaning that it won't take many to start an infestation. If you're running a worksite, opening a new business, or building a warehouse, there are lots of health, and safety concerns to worry about. Here are 5 reasons why investing in a commercial bug zapper could help you with all of them.

1. Keep Indoor Workers Happy with an Electric Bug Zapper

If you're running a warehouse that accepts deliveries all day, you might have to leave your doors open during working hours. Vinyl strip curtains can help to keep the heat out during the summer and the heat in during the winter. Unfortunately, bugs can still find their way in. Depending on your climate, you could be dealing with mosquitoes and other bugs for several months out of the year. This could distract and disrupt the workflow of your employees. Keep them happy by getting a bug zapper to keep pests away.

2. Keep Outdoor Workers Happy

If you're setting up a worksite or constructing a large building, you might have large portions of your workspace open to the elements. During the summer months, this could bring around flying insects. An insect infestation could make workers struggle with intricate or detailed work. It could also get in the way when workers are focusing on using heavy machinery. For health and safety, have a bug zapper around.

3. Comply with Local Laws

Many local laws require construction, work, and commercial sites to treat insect infestations. While mosquito dunks and surveys of the area can help, having an extra line of defense can ensure bugs can't feed off of workers and spread any further. A commercial bug zapper helps your company from being cited for any violations of local laws.

4. Keep Birds Away

Many bird populations feed off of flying insects. While birds can be lovely and charming to see on your way to work, they can really disrupt your workspace. If you have a warehouse or factory, the last thing you want to see are bird nests up in the rafters. A bug zapper keeps the food rations low and forces birds to look elsewhere for a place to hang out.

5. Make Customers Comfortable

If you have a sample worksite where investors visit or a retail shop connected to your warehouse, you need to look your best. The worst thing for customers to encounter when they arrive is a big cloud of bugs flying around. A commercial bug zapper protects your inventory and your customers from the inconvenience of insects.

An Electric Bug Zapper Saves Money

Making customers happy means that you'll be able to do business with them. Keeping employees happy means that they'll be more productive. A bug zapper is a health and safety measure as well as a money saving investment. If you're interested in finding the right kind of bug zapper for your company, contact us to find the perfect fit.  
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