6 Benefits of Using Stretch Wrap

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Looking for a better way to wrap and protect your loads…Want to save money and time…? Hand and Machine Stretch Film             Hand and machine stretch wrap, also referred to as stretch film, and is one of the simplest ways to secure and protect your load for transportation or storage. It can be used with manual hand held devices or with semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrappers and comes in various grades, gauges, widths, and colors to best fit your specific application. BENEFITS OF USING STRETCH WRAP INCLUDE:
  • Increased Product Protection - wrapping your loads with stretch film will protect them from environmental elements such as dirt, dust and moisture, keeping your product clean and dry, but still completely visible. UVI stretch films can protect from UV rays, when storing them outdoors.
  • Reduced Product Damage / Increased Load Stability - allows you to securely wrap your product to create a more stable load that has less chance of shifting while being transported moved around in your warehouse by forklift, reducing product damage.
  • Improved Shipping & Handling Efficiencies
    • Increased Stack Height - stretch film, used in conjunction with angle boards, allows you to stack your load higher on pallets, to maximize your cube space when storing or shipping your product.
    • Increased Productivity – allows you to quickly and easily wrap your loads to secure them, increasing your worker productivity, allowing them to get more work done in a day.
    • Flexibility – allows you to stabilize hard to stack or odd shaped loads that cannot be stacked in a neat square configuration.
  • Improved Inventory Control - by unitizing like product together, it can be inventoried more easily and accurately, reducing the chance of product separation that can make the inventory counts inefficient and time consuming.  Clear stretch wrap will allow you to scan straight though it, when using a scanning system.
  • Decreased Pilferage - unitizing your product makes it harder for pilferage to occur because the load has to be unwrapped first. Opaque stretch film helps conceal the product, providing added protection.
  • Recyclable - most stretch films are 100% recyclable and, if kept reasonably clean, can be recycled for cash, which helps keep it out of landfills.
Amazing that one little roll of stretch film can make such a BIG difference.  
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