Advantages of Galvanized and Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks

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If you operate a warehouse, the pallet jack is one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll need to invest in. Pallet trucks come in a variety of sizes and operational types. When choosing one, you'll need to consider a number of features. One of the most important features to look at is the material used in the manufacture of the pallet jack. Galvanized and stainless steel pallet trucks are one of the popular choices among food handling and pharmaceutical companies that have sanitary requirements that other companies may not. Here are some of the reasons why. Sanitation Benefits Since their adoption in the early 1900s, pallet trucks have primarily been used in warehouses to carry heavy pallet loads. However, given their easy maneuverability and ease of operation, they have been adopted in other unique environments. These include chemical labs, food processing plants and pharmaceutical companies which have much more stringent sanitary and wash-down requirements that ordinary pallet jacks cannot accommodate sometimes. The galvanized and stainless steel frame of the jack helps it to withstand the harsh environments without corroding, harboring bacteria or wearing down. A non-corrosive frame also helps to protect the pallet frame from easy wear. Strong and lightweight build The stainless steel frame is light making it easy to maneuver the pallet truck across flat and inclined surfaces. The light structure also ensures that the jack doesn't place unnecessary load on the surfaces it's being used on. Many of the jack frames are formed using a one piece channel, so there are no joints where bacteria can get trapped. Stainless steel is also great at retaining its form even when exposed to extreme temperature variations and loads. Overall, this ensures that the pallet truck remains in good working condition for years on end. Good ROI Galvanized stainless steel pallet jacks are designed for durability even when used in harsh environments. With that said, most people would consider them to be on the high end market. However, given the fact that their design focuses more on their sanitary and wash-down benefits, resisting wear and tear and reducing maintenance costs, they will provide a better ROI. These pallet trucks will provide years of service without need for replacement, allowing you to save on costs for maintenance and regular replacements. Variety Pallet trucks come in different sizes and designs. This allows you to choose the right jack based on the type, weight and amount of load you need to move within your warehouse each day. You can also choose between manually operated and electric pump jacks depending on your needs and budget. The manually operated variety is generally cheaper and less complicated to use. The electrical variety on the other hand offers better control and will usually carry more weight compared to the manually operated type. They also come with extra features which ease operation and increase safety for both the operator and the load being carried.
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