Hand Pallet Jacks: How Can They Benefit Your Business?

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Hand pallet jacks, also commonly referred to as hand pallet trucks, are mechanical tools designed to haul and maneuver heavy loads. Best suited for short distances, hand pallet jacks are a fundamental piece of equipment in most warehouse, distribution and storage facilities. While they are often used in conjunction with a skid or pallet, the jack’s forks can easily support several types of loads, making them ideal for loading and unloading applications. As their name implies, hand pallet jacks are powered manually and depend on human force to operate. The worker pushes the forks into the pallet, and raises it off the floor to the required height by using the jack part of the machine. Once lifted, the hand pallet jack can be moved by the operator wherever it’s needed. Now that you know what hand pallet jacks are, let’s look at how these mechanical tools can benefit your business:

Low Maintenance Costs

Workplaces utilizing hand pallet jacks for loading and unloading materials enjoy the benefit of lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime. As these machines are powered manually, it allows workers to operate them through force and reduces your business’ reliance on forklifts, which let’s face it, are much costlier to run!

Increased Efficiency

By using a hand pallet truck, the level of energy required to load and unload large objects is cut to a minimum, and the time required to complete tasks around your facility is also reduced, increasing efficiency, and ultimately revenue.

Reduces Injuries

This benefit follows on from the previous one. In a warehouse environment, certain tasks are too heavy to be carried out by human hands. With the use of hand pallet jacks, however, these tasks become safer and easier to perform. This, in turn, lowers the risk of injuries or back problems, reducing injuries and their related costs drastically!

Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of hand pallet jacks is that these machines are relatively smaller than other material handling equipment. This makes it easier to use the hand pallet jack in tight spaces and corners where a forklift would probably never fit. For this reason, it isn’t unusual for businesses to own at least a few of these and have them available for use in several departments. As you can see, hand pallet jacks can prove extremely beneficial for your business and its daily operations. If you too wish to reap these benefits, contact a reliable service provider now and get your hand pallet jack. For stronger durability, most experts recommend stainless steel pallet jacks!
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