Dunnage Air Bags Help in Rescue of Trapped Woman

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You may have seen the story on the news a couple of weeks ago about a Portland woman that somehow fell into an 8-10 inch wide space between two buildings and was trapped for four hours until firefighters could rescue her. It is unclear how she fell into that space, but she was trapped head up and about 3 feet off the ground.  Firefighters placed dunnage air bags between the two building walls to spread them, and then used heavy equipment, like that used in earthquake rescues, to cut through the wall to reach her.  Once she was within reach, they applied a soapy lubricant to help free her.  All those involved in her rescue did an amazing job, reassuring her the entire time that they "...weren't going home without her."  Click here to see KPTV video. I always find it interesting to hear about products being used in a unique way, other than their intended use, to solve a problem.  In this instance, one of the things firefighters used to help free the trapped woman, were dunnage air bags.  Normally they are used to fill gaps and secure loads during transport, but in this instance, they helped to spread the two building walls to aid in her removal.  Pretty cool!  
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