Protect Your Over the Road Shipments with Dunnage Air Bags

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Dunnage air bags are used in the transportation industry because they are extremely effective at stabilizing and securing cargo. These versatile load securing products fill voids, absorb variations, brace loads and ultimately protect cargo from damages caused in transit. The bags consist of closed chambers made from elastic plastic film, which are then covered by multiple layers of either paper, polypropylene or paper woven material to provide optimal strength. Dunnage air bags are a less expensive means of bracing and blocking your cargo as compared to the use of void fillers or lumber and nails. So, if you want to protect your over the road shipments in the best manner possible, dunnage air bags are the right answer!

How Do Dunnage Air Bags Work?

The main purpose of a dunnage air bag is to secure and stabilize the load and prevent it from moving while in transit. As the bag inflates, the load is pressed against the container’s sides. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right size. An air bag of the wrong size can unbalance the load and even damage the cargo inside.

Advantages of Using Dunnage Air Bags

Due to their versatility, dunnage air bags provide an array of advantages that make them suitable for over the road shipments as well as other types of cargo transportation. Here are some of the main advantages:
  • Economical – Dunnage air bags are a far more affordable alternative for blocking and bracing than various other methods, including void fillers and lumber or nails.
  • Optimal Strength – These bags have an exceptional load stabilizing capacity and can withstand tons of resistance and pressure to load shifting.
  • Efficient Space Usage – Dunnage bags also allow for better usage of the available container space.

How to Choose the Right Dunnage Air Bag?

As mentioned previously, choosing the right dunnage air bag is crucial for meeting your load securing requirements. Don’t know what factors go into making this decision? Here are a few important ones you should consider:
  • Strength – The type of cargo that needs to be secured and what characteristics are expected of the dunnage air bag. This includes calculating the total weight of the load against the strength and size of the air bag.
  • Reusability – Will the bags be used only once or reused a number of times for transporting other cargo?
  • Moisture Resistance – Is there a possibility of the cargo being damaged due to moisture? In this case, a dunnage air bag with layers of poly woven material should be used.
  • Price – And of course, the budget you have available to purchase dunnage air bags. If you are looking for the best quality, don’t skimp on price!
So, do you have an over the road shipment that needs protecting? Then, use dunnage air bags and keep your cargo safe and secure!
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