Dunnage Air Bags Provide Protection for Your Sea Container Shipments

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No matter how much wrapping you use and how carefully you place the pallets in your sea container, there will be voids between them which results in unwanted pallet movement throughout the journey. As a result, your shipment is likely to endure unwanted damage and the expense that comes with it. This has caused shippers to come up with better means to secure their shipments to protect them during transit. Some use tie-downs, fasteners, lashing or strapping, while others use blocking and bracing methods. However, most of these methods have proved ineffective sometimes at preventing damage caused by movement inside a sea container. It’s important to understand that most loads will shift to some extent because of the movement during transit. Hence, proper load securement methods need to be implemented to prevent damage to your shipments as well as potential injuries to your workers while loading and unloading your cargo.

So, which method can provide your sea container shipment the protection it needs? Today, the most effective and affordable way to fill the voids on your sea container shipments is using dunnage air bags. They can secure your loads properly, allowing you to avoid unhappy customers, damage costs, and disruptions in productivity that result from damages caused during transit.

To prevent movement, the dunnage air bags are positioned lengthwise between rows of cargo in the container. This process is called crosswise-bracing. Sea container loads are only regulated by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) when transported via rail to and from ports. However, it is highly recommended that you at minimum a level 1 AAR verified airbag.

The following are some key benefits of using dunnage air bags to protect your valuable sea container shipments:

Easy to Use

Dunnage air bags can be easily installed in a matter of minutes and require minimum physical labor in the process. These bags can also be deflated and removed quickly, which allows for easy and fast unloading.


When it comes to homogenous loads, dunnage air bags can potentially brace an entire shipment. This lowers damage rates, reduces the need for extensive labor, and decreases the cost of securing your shipment, as compared to other methods.

Eliminates Potential Cargo Movements

These bags are far more flexible than paper bags, and hence can fill up almost any sort of empty space with ease. They can even take the shape of the oddest loads without damaging it, ensuring optimal protection! So, what are you waiting for? Has damage to your valuable shipment and cargo been a constant headache for your business? Then investing in dunnage air bags is undoubtedly the best solution to this problem as it can prevent unwanted movements during transit in the most effective manner at an affordable price!
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