Improving Ergonomics in Your Warehouse Environment

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While the everyday operations of some warehouse are completely automated, the majority of them require employees to handle product and stock manually. This constant pushing, lifting, reaching, bending and stretching not only increases the risk of costly accidents, but also contributes to high levels of musculoskeletal disorders among employees. By focusing on ergonomics, however, you can make your warehouse safer and improve the work environment for employees. Ergonomic improvements can help in reducing physical demand and increase productivity levels. To learn more about improving ergonomics, read on:

Ways to Improve Ergonomics

Here are some effective approaches that can improve the safety of your employees and increase productivity levels:
  • Remove any hazards from the warehouse floor that your employees could trip or slip on.
  • Educate employees about ergonomics through training programs.
  • Provide adequate overhead lighting throughout the warehouse, especially in lifting areas.
  • Provide your employees anti fatigue matting to stand on to relieve pressure on their feet and back.
  • Encourage employees to ask for assistance where needed.
  • Use equipment like pallet jacks to move heavier goods wherever possible.
  • Test loads to determine the best lifting method.
  • Use lift tables to bring the top of the load closer to the employee doing work.
Now that you have a better understanding on the different ways to improve the ergonomics in your warehouse, it is about time to put this advice into practice to create a safe and injury-free warehouse environment for your employees!
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