Running Out of Office and Warehouse Space - Build Within & Up

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To substantially increase and boost your business’ operational efficiency, it is important to place managers and supervisors within striking distance of the operations. This also enhances communications and increases worker productivity. However, more often than not, there are occupancy issues in terms of office space and warehouse space. Some offices are packed and accommodating more offices seems quite a daunting challenge. Although it may seem impossible, there are several ways through which you can add additional space in your warehouse and commercial buildings, without having to rent other premises.

Say Hello to Modular Offices

Modular offices are inplant offices, which are built within a warehouse. There are a professional and highly efficient solution for adding an additional office space within a warehouse. You can even create a whole new storage space or a manufacturing space by having professionals build a modular office, which will also make you eligible for accelerated tax depreciation.

Custom Mezzanines

You can use steel mezzanines to add more space in your office or warehouse as well. Mezzanines efficiently and effectively utilize unused vertical space to build up to create additional usable space. Once the mezzanine is built, you now have additional space to store equipment or expand your operations. This will also allow for more space within the building or the warehouse, where you can establish a modular office to house your managers and/or supervisors. Quite often modular offices and mezzanines are combined to create additional working or storage space.

Benefits of Modular Offices and Steel Mezzanine Floors

Allows for Increased Productivity – A lot of businesses are now opting to have their engineers and other team members work together in the same area, near production, which can result in cost cuts and boost operational efficiency. Increases the Scope of Operations – Modular offices can provide businesses with an efficient way to increase office space within the same building. These offices can be small or large in size, depending on your needs, and can be constructed in far less time than conventional construction, with far less disruption to your operations. In all, why look for another office space, incur thousands of dollars worth of expenditure when you can conveniently and efficiently have an entirely new office made within your building? Think about it.  
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