Pallet Rack Repair: When You Need It And How It Works

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A damaged pallet rack is an unnecessary cost for any business. Damaged pallet racking can disrupt warehouse flow and is a safety hazard. The extra cost of a full replacement is an added headache, but a repair may be all that you need. Here's what you need to know about pallet rack repair and how it works.

How Do I Benefit?

There are several benefits of pallet rack repair. You and your employees will be a lot safer working with undamaged equipment. Repairs are much faster and less expensive than a complete replacement.

What Causes Pallet Rack Damage?

Pallet racks are usually damaged the following ways:
  • forklifts
  • overloading
  • user error
  • altered pallets with different parts
Arrange pallet racks wide enough to create an aisle for forklifts to safely pass through. Otherwise, the forklifts won't have enough room, and this will lead to pallet damage.

What to Look for

It's important to know what to look for when you're inspecting your pallet racks for damages. Employees and managers alike should have the proper training to carry out inspections. Keep on the lookout for the following signs:
  • knicks and dents
  • tilted racks
  • overloaded racks
  • bent beams
  • user error in assembly
If you see any of the above, it may be time to repair your pallet racks. You should have a timetable in place for inspections, so nothing goes unnoticed. Inspections can be carried out monthly, as long as you are keeping up with them.

How Do Repairs Work?

Repairs start by locating the damaged area, usually in the lower part of the pallet rack. A professional survey will assess the extent of the damage, and a quote is provided for repairs. A repair component will replace the damaged area. Repairs can be done at the business facility for your convenience. First, lift equipment is put in place to support the pallet rack. The lift equipment can help support loaded pallets. Next, the damaged area is marked for removal, and cut away. The repair kit is then bolted into place. Finally, the lift equipment is removed, and repairs are complete.

When Is It Time to Replace?

When a pallet rack is beyond repair it is no longer operating at its peak and is a danger to you and your employees. Be sure to replace pallet racks beyond repair, so your business can move along safely and efficiently.

Invest in Pallet Rack Repair

For most damage, all you need is a repair component. Repairing is quicker and cheaper than replacement, and it can ensure that work environments are safe and efficient. If your company is in the need of pallet racking or steel shelving, we can help. Our material handling solutions help to increase productivity for any business, and customer satisfaction is one of our core values. Be sure to come to us with all your pallet rack problems. Don't take risks when dealing with damaged pallets. Take a load off your mind and contact us to see how we can help with your pallet rack repair needs.
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