Perserving the Quality of your Frozen Food and Ice Cream

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Distributors of frozen food and ice cream products are faced with the challenge of preserving the quality and integrity of their frozen food while in their distribution centers and during transport.  If refrigerated trucks are not used, it is even more of a challenge.  Insulated dry ice containers provide another option. These double wall, insulated containers come in a variety of styles and sizes;  depending on the type of product needed to be stored or transported, and the size of operation and vehicles used.  They can be very helpful in avoiding such issues as heat shock which can happen when temperature fluctuations occur, causing the food to become unsaleable. Recommended Applications Include:
  • Warehouse Storage - ideal for picking up orders and handling of frozen products for shipment to customers and/or stores.
  • Distribution - can be used to transport frozen and perishable food products such as ice cream, frozen food, meats/seafood, bakery items, and produce.
  • Dry or Refrigerated Trucks - great when you have combo orders of different types of foods that need to be transported.
  • Dry Ice - for transport and storage of dry ice pellets and blocks.
  • Point of Purchase Displays - these portable display boxes allow you to keep products chilled, while displaying them anywhere in the store.
  • Food Service, Vending & Catering Operations - ideal for transporting temperature sensitive food for parties and outdoor events.
Proper handling of frozen food products with these insulated dry ice totes is critical to successfully preserve the foods integrity.  Below is a link to a one page Operator's Guide to assure success: Insulated Dry Ice Containers User Guide

 Click here to down Insulated Dry Ice Container User Guide

Click here,  for more detailed information on the different sizes and styles available, to help you determine whether they could be right for your operation.

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