Product Freshness with Corrugated Seafood Shippers

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After working tirelessly farming your produce or seafood, nothing is more taxing than having to ensure it will have the best opportunity to arrive safely at its final destination. You have great pride in your product and now have it in hand, but how will it stay fresh during transport? With our packaging solutions of corrugated seafood shippers, you can avoid the hassle and worry. We understand that your product is the staple of your business and want you to have confidence in our team to help you select the best solution for you.

Keeping your Cool

Corrugated fresh seafood shippers are waxed to assist in shipping your seafood or produce to retain the water and ice packaged within them. This way your product will continue to stay cool and at the optimal temperatures for desired freshness. When shipping seafood, you must be especially careful to not let it spoil. Seafood that has spoiled will have an odor, is inedible, and will have slimy residue. You can be confident when using these seafood shippers, as they have been taken on several Himalayan climbing expeditions, including three successful climbs of Mt. Everest, making them the shippers of choice.

Top to Bottom Line

If you are worried about smells or vapors escaping, these 2-piece gusseted trays are designed to hold your product in tightly with their leak-proof insulation. This will ensure that outside moisture, scents, or contaminants will not enter the packaging, allowing for a safe and healthy delivery.

Fresh is Best

Corrugated fresh seafood shippers are used for industries including:

  • Seafood
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Other Perishables

Providing all of your Packaging Needs

DACO is here to provide you with all of your packaging needs. This can be anything from Pallet Wrappers, Stretch Wrap, Insulated Foam Shippers, or Corrugated Fresh Shippers. Whatever your packaging needs may be, we are here to assist! Contact us today for more information or to place an order.

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