Reusable Plastic Containers Eliminate Waste

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Corrugated boxes are commonly used by many companies for storage of product, but they present a number of issues:
  • Different sizes of boxes awkwardly fill shelves and waste valuable space.
  • They degrade when they come in contact with oils and moisture.
  • Because of their one-time or limited use, it is necessary to replace and dispose of them often.
According to a study by the Reusable Packaging Association, Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC's):
  • Require 39% less total energy.
  • Produce 95% less total solid waste.
  • Generate 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions.
When plastic bins are reused multiple times, it results in lower environmental burdens than when single-trip corrugated boxes are used. Once the RPC's service life is ended, they are recycled, providing an "eco-friendly" alternative to corrugated boxes and will increase your company's sustainability efforts. To learn more about the many types of reusable plastic bins available, click here.   Source:  Arko-Mills  
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