Starrco Modular Office Building Provides Unique Solution

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Recently a US Automaker needed a two story team center built that was 16' x 32'.  They needed it built quickly and cleanly, utilizing onsite maintenance personnel, and without disrupting their production lines. A tall order, but not for Starrco who offered them a very "out of the box" modular office building solution...eight 8' x 16' stackable sections that would ship pre-assembled to their job site . Each section was assembled on a forkliftable steel base, pre-wired, and included stub outs for sprinkler lines and plumbing.  The sections were designed so that they easily connected together,  minimizing assembly time of the complete office at the job site. The bases included specially designed guides so they slipped together. The lower sections of the building was assembled using Starrco's SS3500-DL wall system, and the upper sections used their SS3000-DL wall system. They chose the 3" thick DL panels because they are completely non-combustible and offer excellent sound control capabilities. The roof system was designed with a special connecting splice that allowed the ceilings for each section to be attached to each other without the need for on site fabrication or cutting.  Quick-Tric modular wiring package was used for all the electric, so that each section's electrical components could be connected together without an electrician being required. This unique eight piece design, allowed the automaker to be able to maneuver the units around their manufacturing equipment and assemble it without disrupting their production lines. Starrco provided a factory trained job site supervisor to assist their personnel with the installation of the sections. Amazingly, the assembly of the entire two-story office took less than two days, something traditional stick built, simply can't do.   To learn more about Starrco Custom Modular Office Building Solutions click here.  
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