Thanksgiving - A Time to Give Thanks

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Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for the many blessings we have received.  As a nation we designate one Thursday In November to publicly acknowledge and focus on our gratitude.   In our day to day activities let’s continue that spirit of thanks for all that we enjoy: a free country, a loving family, good friends, our home, and those we spend time with in our daily work. At DACO we are grateful for the spirit of family enjoyed between our team members.    We owe this to the leadership of Kevin Katona and Steve Duffield who have assembled a positive-thinking, eager to help group of diversified people.   Our gratitude extends to the first class suppliers that we represent and to the customers who we serve, as each is an integral part of what we are thankful. As we enjoy the warmth of family and friends this coming Thanksgiving Day, may it be our goal for this coming year to remember EVERY day as a day of THANKS and a day to GIVE in any way that may bring a smile or assistance to another. Happy Thanksgiving from the DACO team!  
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