Things to Consider When Buying Scissor Lift Tables

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When it comes to lifting & positioning product, scissor lift tables, also simply referred to as scissor lifts, can prove useful. These mechanical devices are utilized to bring the load to a more ergonomic height, so work can be performed in a safe and secure manner. Not to mention, they also play a pivotal role in preventing workplace injuries, reducing the associated cost. As the name implies, scissor lift tables are made of scissor-like joints that are mounted on a platform. This makes the platform move up and down, allowing weights to be lifted with utmost ease and safety, while reducing the likelihood of mishaps or injuries. Scissor lift tables help position workers at convenient heights for tasks and are used in several industries.

How to Buy Scissor Lift Tables?

If your business has loading, unloading or production tasks that need to be done, it’s time you considered the safety and effectiveness of scissor lift tables. They reduce repetitive bending, lifting and reaching that can be very hard on the body and lead to worker fatigue, injuries, and product damage. However, what exactly should you be looking for when buying scissor lift tables? To ensure you receive the benefits these devices offer, it’s important to buy a scissor lift table that best suits the needs of your business. With all that out of the way, here are a few key things to consider that will aid you in your decision:
  1. List all the reasons why your business needs a scissor lift table and determine the kind of platform your workers need to help them perform their tasks easily, without the need to bend or stretch.
  2. Decide the capacity of the loads you want the scissor lift to hold. Those with the capacity to bear heavier loads are more expensive. So, identifying your specific load bearing before investing in one is a good idea.
  3. You should also check the safety features of the scissor lift. As these tables are primarily used to increase efficiency and safety in the workplace, don’t disregard safety when deciding to buy it. Look for features, such as velocity fuel system, safety skirt, and safety bar, etc.
  4. Determine the task cycle of the machine before you buy it. After all, you wouldn’t want to use it beyond the manufacturer’s prescriber limits. It could lead to damage and injuries!
  5. Lastly, buy scissor lifts from reputable companies. We recommend buying Bishamon Lifts, which are trusted scissor lifts and offer many different models depending on your needs.
So, keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind when buying scissor lift tables, and rest assured you will choose one that suits your needs!
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