2 New Stretch Film Types Provide Even More Savings

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In our earlier blog we explored the benefits of using stretch wrap to secure and protect your product during transit or storage. Here are two new types of stretch wrap that can help save you even more…. XR2060 is a new machine high performance stretch film, made by adding polypropylene to the film, which allows for a maximum stretch of up to 300%, while being only 60 gauge thickness, saving you money. This machine film is an ideal replacement for 20” wide x 70 or 80 gauge films you might be currently using… and will lower your cost per load; yet still provide superior holding force. ADW16518 is a new hand standard performance stretch film, made to perform like much thicker films, yet saves you money.  This hand film will replace thicker hand films that you might be currently using like 80 gauge or 70 gauge films… and will lower your per load costs.   Ask us about a free film survey providing a side by side comparison of your current films and these new high performance films to show you the savings. Are you wrapping 10 pallet loads per day or more, we can show you how you can pay for a stretch wrapping machine in 1 year or less, making your shipping department even more efficient.  
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