Challenge Solver - Archive Industrial Steel Shelving Units

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Storing Easily Accessible Archive File Boxes

  • Need to create additional space in your storage area for files to be stored.
  • File boxes are stacked on the floor and the boxes are crushing under the weight of each other.
  • Can't find what you are looking for because you are stacking boxes in front of each other to utilize space.
  • Dangerous for employes to step over and around boxes and unstacking and stacking not good for employees backs.

DACO’S SOLUTION:  Archive Industrial Steel Shelving Units

  • Boxes can be stacked 2 high and 2 deep in either a 48" or 69" wide unit, eliminating crushing of boxes.
  • Keeps boxes off the floor and utilize space more efficiently.
  • Boxes are better organized and safer to move around.
  • Steel shelving and boxes can be labelled and marked for easy identification.
  • Keeps boxes in like new condition, due to improved handling.
  • Depending on allowable space, archive shelving units can be placed back to back.
For more information on archive and other types of industrial steel shelving, click here.  
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