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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Stopping Cross Contamination Between Processing Areas

  • Cross Contamination is occurring of food items from biological, chemical or physical property agents.
  • Need to identify which tools belong in which area to avoid cross contamination.
  • Frequent audits by USDA or FSA are requiring a HACCP Plan be in effect and that you don't use metal and wood tools which harbor bacteria.
  • Need to be able to clean tools on a daily basis, so they need to be long lasting.

DACO's SOLUTION:  Remco/Vikan Color Coded Tools  

  • A wide variety of food handling and cleaning tools are available in many colors including green, blue, red, while, yellow, orange, purple, pink and black, which allows you to designate a specific color for each area; allowing you to easily see which tools belong in which area.
  • Using color-coded wall brackets for tool storage encourages adoption and understanding of a color-coding food safety program.
  • Many of the Remco/Vikan products are one-piece construction, which eliminates any cracks and seams for bacteria to hide and multiply in.
  • Remco/Vikan are very well made and are tested for chemical resistance; brushware can be autoclaved at 250 degrees F/121 degrees C, bristles are tested for force, and molded parts are tested for strength.
  • Color coding is an essential part of any HACCP plan.
For more information on Remco/Vikan color coded HACCP tools, click here.    
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