"Leaning Lottery" Benefits Everyone

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It’s unclear who first said "The day you stop learning, is the day you stop breathing.", but it could not be truer. It has long been a belief of our company that in order for us to provide our customers with the best possible information and resources necessary to realize their business goals, we need to continuously look for ways to educate and motivate ourselves and one another. To facilitate this, the management of DACO established a "Learning Lottery" program.  At our quarterly company meetings, we each share books, articles, videos, webinars, etc. that have taught us something worth sharing with one another. To add a little fun and reward to the learning process, for each hour an individual spends of their own time in learning something new that benefits their personal and business growth, a numbered ticket is given.  A like numbered ticket is put in a jar and then tickets are drawn and if it matches your ticket, you get to choose a prize from several items that the company has purchased.   Prizes may range from theater tickets, fancy glassware, a fuzzy warm blanket or even a lighted make-up mirror.  It’s a win…win for everyone - for ourselves as individuals, for DACO as a company and ultimately for our customers who benefit from our added knowledge. Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter Winners - Chris Andrus, Joline Clark, Larry Sifferman, Lori Anderson and Steve Duffield. 
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