Live Transport Using Saeplast Containers

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"Guest Blog by Mike Kilpatrick, Saeplast" We have been contacted by companies asking us for a container that safely transport their live tilapia, bass, etc. from their ponds to their live market customers in large urban centers – usually for the Asian communities in larger urban centers.

Safe Live Fish Transport

We have traditionally supplied them with the DX335 insulated fish tote with a special bulkhead installed into the lid and a neoprene gasket adhered to the lid. The purpose of the 2” bulkhead installed into the top of the lid is to allow for a location for the customer to install aeration equipment into the bottom of the tank to that provides oxygen to the live product. The bulkhead also acts as an exhaust to release any build up of waste gases that build up in the tank.

Second Live Transport Option

Another option we have provided a customer in other parts of the country is the Saeplast D345 Insulated Fish Tote outfitted with 4” bulkheads for live transport. This customer restocks and maintains ponds and lakes with a variety of fish such as brim, bass, catfish, carp, trout, etc. He picks up the fish from his supplier (location subjective to the species) and transports them to his customer to restock. The D345 insulated fish tote is a lower profile option for our customer and, with the hinged cover, is a win-win option for him. INSULATED CONTAINERS

Key Information You Should Know

Here are four key pieces of information you need to know before attempting to transport live fish to ensure they arrive alive and safe.
  1. The length of time for transport
  2. The temperature range for the tank
  3. How to aerate the containers properly to keep the live product alive during transport
  4. The density of product per box to ensure maximum calm for the species and to ensure proper oxygenation.
If you would like more information on these product solutions for live transport, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.
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