Mezzanines – The Low Cost Way to Add New Space

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Are you running out of room – need to expand your facility? When you are faced with space problems, a custom design mezzanine could be the perfect solution. They are practical, cost-effective solutions that double or triple your existing space, without incurring new construction costs, so you can add the space you need. They are ideal for creating additional production, office, storage or assembly space, locker rooms, stockrooms, cafeterias and more. Benefits of adding a custom designed steel mezzanine include: 1. Maximize existing facility cubic area, floor to ceiling height. 2. Create more square footage for less cost. 3. Double or triple the existing space inside your facility. 4. Save new construction costs. 5. Eliminate leased space. 6. Mezzanines are a one time investment. 7. Customized to fit your exact space needs. 8. Expandable to meet future company growth needs. 9. Easy to disassemble and relocate. 10. Streamline logistics and improve employee communications by consolidating all company departments. 11. Steel Mezzanines quality for accelerated tax depreciation. 12. Can be designed to fit around plant equipment, building columns and other obstructions. Learn more and see if this might be right for your operations by reading about custom steel mezzanine on our product page.
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