Securing Your Profits with Stretch Wrappers

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When products need to be shipped, care must be taken to ensure they won't move or become dislodged during shipping. Products that fall off the pallet can easily become damaged, meaning they won't be able to be sold. Stretch Wrappers can be used to ensure the items stay securely on the pallets throughout the shipping process, until they reach their destination. This can help secure profits by ensuring the products don't reach their destination already damaged.

There are many ways to unitize and protect your goods during shipment and storage, but one of the most cost effective and efficient ways is to stretch wrap them. Stretch wrap can be applied either manually or electronically with stretch wrappers. Both will work, but depending on your daily volume, an automated stretch wrapping system might make more sense for you.

When you manually wrap a pallet load, it can be difficult to get a tight enough wrap to keep the product secured on the pallet, and quite often much more stretch film is used then when the load is wrapped with a pallet wrapping machine. Hand wrapping is also time consuming and can pose a safety hazard due to repetitive bending, stretching, and circling, resulting in possible dizziness and back injuries.

On the receiving end, when unloading the hand-wrapped pallets from a truck, it is very frustrating when product is damaged during transit because it has fallen off the pallet due to loose stretch wrapping. When items that were supposed to be secure, are strewn inside the trailer, product damage occurs. It not only takes more time for workers to unload the truck, it could present a safety hazard as well.

When using pallet wrapping machines to secure your product, it saves you time and energy, cuts back on employee injuries and material costs, and reduces product damage. It also provides the added benefit of making it easy for your end-user to receive a fully secured load.

Benefits of Stretch Wrappers include:

  • Load Stabilization – loads are wrapped tighter, than by hand, resulting in less vibration during shipment.

  • Reduced Labor – pallet loads can be electronically wrapped much quicker than by hand, leaving your workers more time to do other things.

  • Decreased Material Costs – much less stretch film is used, when wrapped by hand. Not as many wraps is required to secure the load when done electronically.

  • Reduction in Product Damage – the pallet load is more stable resulting in less change of product damage.

  • Reduced Injuries – help to reduce back injuries and dizziness that can result when hand wrapping.

There are several levels of automation to choose from including turntable, semi-automatic, fully automatic, rotating arm, and revolving, depending on your volume. For more information regarding stretch wrappers, and which model is right for your operation, click here.

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