Spring Clean and Organize Your Office Work Space

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We've talked about spring cleaning our warehouse spaces, to better organize them and get a fresh start.  Now let's talk about our office spaces. Your filing cabinets, desk work spaces, offices/cubicles and storage/stock rooms, can all use a good thorough go through, purging out unnecessary files and clutter so you have a clean space to work in.  An unorganized desk or office can cause frustration and impede your productivity. Since you are in the redesign mode, why not take a look at how you have your workstation set up.  Is your keyboard, monitor and chair at the ideal ergonomic positions?  I read this article and relized that my station was not set up properly.  I've realigned everything and am anxious to see if it makes a difference at the end of the day. Here is a video I found with tips for organizing your work desk area. For your reading pleasure, here are some additional resource articles I found with some good ergonomic, cleaning and organizational tips to help you get started: If you need help in organizing your storage or stock rooms, or need to add extra storage or office space, any of the following products could assist you: So now that you are armed with information, dive in, sort sorting, reorganizing and throwing out unneeded items and you will have the office of your dreams and a whole new outlook in no time.  
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