Welded Wire Mesh Security Cages Provide Customized Security

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The versatility and customization of the SpaceGuard SG2000 welded wire mesh partitions, allow you to custom design the ideal security cage for your specific needs. The welded wire mesh construction makes it easy for cut-outs to be made in the field around existing beams, pipes, or other barriers that may exist in your facility, without affecting its structural integrity. Unrestricted visibility of the interior and its contents, as well as providing unrestricted circulation of air, heat and light, are the main benefits of this type of an enclosure.

Another feature that can be very important, is the adjustable sweep space (gap between floor and panel), especially for DEA applications, pharmaceutical enclosures and government or military operations needing temporary holding cells, evidence rooms, and specimen storage. It can be eliminated altogether, if needed, so the partition walls go all the way to the floor.

SpaceGuard Welded Wire Mesh Partitions / Security Cages come in an assortment of wire gauges and mesh patterns, but standard systems include a 10ga welded wire in a 2”x2” square pattern. With this type of system, mesh is welded at each intersecting wire and along the post. This system uses panels that stack in between 2”x2” square posts making it particularly useful for applications with multiple heights. Several door and lock options are also available, depending on your needs.

Look for upcoming blogs that highlight the many benefits of wire mesh security partitions / cages and ideal applications for them.

For more detailed information, or assistance with designing your own custom wire mesh security cage, click here.

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