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Industrial Air Curtains

  • Air Curtains available at DACO
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An Industrial Air Curtain blows a controlled stream of air down across the doorway creating an air seal, separating the two environments, helping to contain heated or air conditioned air while keeping out dust and flying insects.

Improved personnel comfort resulting in higher productivity, sizable energy savings, as well as unhindered traffic flow and unobstructed vision through the door openings are just a few of the many benefits of an industrial air curtain.

Benefits of Air Curtains: (click to view)

  • Energy Savings - save energy year round by providing a thermal barrier, stopping drafts and reducing infiltration of outdoor air into heated or air conditioned areas. During the winter, cold drafts are minimized and warm air is circulated from the ceilings. During the summer, hot, humid air is kept out while circulation eliminates hot spots and humidity build-up.
  • Improved Environment - an air curtain is designed to prevent elements from entering your building at open doorways to protect your customers or employees.
  • Increased Safety - Allows easy access through openings, increasing safety.
  • Quick Return on Investment - they pay for themselves, often in less than two years, in energy cost savings alone.



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